Shop LC Motion Graphics Reel

Responsible for: Motion Graphics.

Pecan Street Festival Spring & Fall 2016

Responsible for: Motion Graphics and Compositing.

Synopsis: TV Commercials for the Spring and Fall Pecan Street Festivals of 2016.

Snow Boat

Responsible for: Co-Producer, Editor, 3D and 2D Animator, Compositing and Story Development

Synopsis: A man's battle with nature to overcome loneliness through a minimal and poetic drama.


Responsible for: Story, User Interface and Animation

Synopsis: At a top secret nuclear missile site an operator brings his pet hedgehog to assist him. When the operator leaves the room, he puts the hedgehog in charge of the controls, but everything goes wrong when a fly enters.

Time Machine

Responsible for: Assets and Animation

Synopsis: Time Machine is an interactive book based on the original children's book by SCAD Illustration student, Heajung Kim.

Ice Cream

Responsible for: Story and Animation

Synopsis: Ice-cream is irresistible for some people.

"Untitled" Experimental Animation

Responsible for: Animation & Rotoscoping

Synopsis: This animation is the result of a visual experiment that mixes different animation techniques. It represents the craziness and the chaos in our brain as we create new ideas and revisit memories. It tries to portrait a glimpse of what I experience in my brain everyday.

The Last Arrow Short Film Intro

Responsible for: Animation & Rotoscoping

Synopsis: A rotoscope animation created for the introduction in the short film "The Last Arrow".


Responsible for: Animation

Synopsis: A bear is so happy to give all his heart away that he forgets that he actually needs to keep a little bit of it. This is a study of movement using live-action reference.

C'est La Vie

Responsible for: Animation

Synopsis: Karen says goodbye to Eduardo at the train station with a kiss. Eduardo tries to catch it, but the kiss flies away to his destiny.

Sociedad de Cine de Puerto Rico Motion Graphic

Responsible for: Motion Graphic

Synopsis: Logo motion graphic for the Puerto Rico Film Society.


Responsible for: Animation

Synopsis: Dog and Butterfly.