Al Rescate de Mis Tesoros - Children's Book (2016)

Responsible for: Illustration

Written by Amarillys E. Alvarado.

Woman Card (2016)

Responsible for: Illustration

The Woman Card Project is a deck of cards made by illustrators who support gender equality. The deck is made of important women who have and continue to spark change around the world regardless of their gender. Go to for more info.

Mondobaldo Illustrations (2014)

Responsible for: Illustration

A series of ilustrations made for the Mondobaldo brand. Mondobaldo is a company that makes fun novelty items for people that are wear a bald "hairstyle".

"Red" Children's Book (2013)

Responsible for: Story and Illustration

Synopsis: A children's book about a grumpy monster named Red that is always mad at everything but he doesn't know why.

Abuelos y Abuelas... (2014)

Responsible for: Illustration

Book cover and illustrations for the book "Abuelos y Abuelas: Padres y Madres en Segunda Ronda". Written by Amarillys E. Alvarado Guzmán and Inés Rivera Colón.

Mancala Connected (2013)

Responsible for Art Direction & UX Design

Challenge your brain with this strategy-based board game, one of the oldest games in the world! Play with friends or battle the computer. Outsmart your opponents and capture the most stones. Customize your game's play order, difficulty, and look. Play in aligned mode for a change of pace. Learn the basics or become an expert with an interactive tutorial.

Puerto Rico Posters (2012 & 2013)

Responsible for Ilustration & Design

A series of posters created for the Savannah College of Art and Design International Festival 2012 & 2013, representing Puerto Rico.

Photomontages (2010-2011)

Responsible for: Photography and Illustration

Captured moments of when reality merges with fantasy.

Conscience (2009)

Responsible for Illustration, Design & Instalation

In this instalation piece I created a paper template of a black little monster. I printed, cut and put together 25 little ones and 3 big ones. The idea was to make this place feel like it was invaded with these monsters. Making reference to everyone’s conscience monsters, that quietly follow us everywhere we go. Download the template here.

Other Illustrations

Responsible for: Illustration