Projects Quick Links:

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ - 'Galactic Legend' Teaser Trailer

Responsible for: Direction, Game Capture, Editing and Motion Graphics.

Shop LC - Motion Graphics Reel

Responsible for: Motion Graphics.

Pecan Street Festival Spring & Fall 2016 - TV Commercial

Responsible for: Motion Graphics and Compositing.

Synopsis: TV Commercials for the Spring and Fall Pecan Street Festivals of 2016.

Snow Boat - Animated Short Film

Responsible for: Co-Producer, Editor, 3D and 2D Animator, Compositing and Story Development

Synopsis: A man's battle with nature to overcome loneliness through a minimal and poetic drama. Learn more at

Time Machine - Interactive Story App

Responsible for: Assets and Animation

Synopsis: Time Machine is an interactive book based on the original children's book by SCAD Illustration student, Heajung Kim.

Ice Cream - Animated Short Short

Responsible for: Story and Animation

Synopsis: Ice-cream is irresistible for some people.

"Untitled" - Experimental Animation

Responsible for: Animation & Rotoscoping

Synopsis: This animation is the result of a visual experiment that mixes different animation techniques. It represents the craziness and the chaos in our brain as we create new ideas and revisit memories. It tries to portrait a glimpse of what I experience in my brain everyday.

Sociedad de Cine de Puerto Rico - Logo Animation

Responsible for: Motion Graphic

Synopsis: Logo motion graphic for the Puerto Rico Film Society.

Butterfly - Animated Short Short

Responsible for: Animation

Synopsis: Dog and Butterfly.